Commercial activity

Our society is an authorized dealer for MOTOROLA for radio equipments, dealer and importer for ZETRON, ICOM, KENWOOD, CELLWAVE and SMARTEQ (ALLGON), for the last one being the only society to develop across Romania), giving the entire gamma of radio communication equipments.

Since May 1997, RC TEAM SA has become dealer for CONNEX GSM for mobile phones technology, offering CONNEX customers the opportunity to buy a large gamma of phones such as ERICSSON, NOKIA, SONY and MOTOROLA.

A very important issue of our activity is represented by computers, RC TEAM SA giving computers (IBM, COMPAQ, HP, TOSHIBA) and also solutions for communication ( local area networks, data - voice cables, full integrated network, radio - satellite communication).

RC TEAM SA has the authorization for selling and installing security systems (from ordinary car alarms to the highest performance access control systems, video footage, smoke preventive devices, anti - stealing devices). There are two main systems: the classic style and the new developed radio arming - disarming system.

RC TEAM SA also sells a large range of communications source plants, a few prestigious ones such as: PANASONIC, ALCATEL, and SIEMENS.

In the last two years a new activity has been developed: ventilation system devices. Starting 1999 our society has shown real footage for new alarm systems using voice commands, becoming so the only one to sell those devices at national level for SIRCOM GMBH (GERMANY).

Clients services

RC TEAM SA designs communication networks for radio - stations at the client's request. Also, being the owner of a license for commercial radio - stations, RC TEAM SA offers communication services to its clients who not posses own frequency.

The firm provides radio equipments for MOTOROLA, YAESU, EF JOHNSON, ICOM, KENWOOD, NISSEI and guaranties and repairs.

Since 1996 RC TEAM SA launched an internet service provider called INTERNET "ONLINE.RO", becoming an internet provider, serving presentation web pages for different clients. From that point of view, RC TEAM SA is seen among the top ten best companies in the country. We also provide radio support transportation services at national level.

Worth to be mentioned that RC TEAM SA makes networks, in different configurations, throw cables and radio waves, making possible communications among computers at long distances, dealing experience in the field with experience in radio.

RC TEAM SA as a society authorized by INTERNAL AFFAIRS MINISTER can install anti - stealing devices to his clients, video - footage systems, access control systems.

RC TEAM SA instaling, programming and developing services fir digital - plants, such as PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, TELRAD, ALCATEL, and EUROSYSTEMS. Cables deployment is a new and important activity of our technical teams in the field.

This was a short preview of our activity in the field.
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